The biggest news is the most obvious: construction is now complete. The big signs are gone; the roads have all received their final coat of asphalt; and curbs have been repaired.

And all new homes are finally sold!

It took awhile, as it always does with the last homes in any project. But it is now done.

For Joan and I, this has been an event of some personal satisfaction. When we arrived at the Villages, things had not been going well. There was a perception that the Villages was something of a white elephant; that potential buyers could not understand or appreciate the concept; and that no one could sell in sufficient numbers to make it successful. There was continual turnover in both construction and sales staff.

But Joan and I saw the potential for a beautiful complex that filled a need in a way that no one else was even trying - detached houses with full condominium title; many lifestyle amenities; and next to a city. We believed that with hard work, along with a growing realization on the part of people that this choice was one to seriously consider, that the Villages would become more popular and we would eventually sell it out.

Seven long years later, that dream finally came true. We were responsible for the sale of over two-thirds of what now number some 420 homes at the Villages. It has been our great pleasure to assist so many with their transition to this new life.


So, what now for the Villages?

While a skeleton crew will remain to perform warranty work and do the final finishing touches, the big heavy machinery and dust storms are now a thing of the past. Some afternoons at the Villages now seem almost as quiet as a museum. The Villages will finally be able to fulfill its two-fold promise: a social and active life revolving around the Country Club and visits to one another's homes; along with peace and quiet when you want it in your own home.

As the project matures and the landscaping grows, it becomes a community and home of which to be proud.

But, with all new homes sold, the only way for people to now buy in the Villages is through a resale home. For many designs, this has been true for some time. The last of the new larger homes was sold many months ago. And many earlier smaller designs are a matter of pot luck - people can only buy what is available at any given time.

We have been blessed with a large proportion of the resale business at the Villages all through our tenure. We are especially grateful for the business from many who had issues with the builder when they first moved in. They have told us that they knew we could only do what was allowed, and appreciated our conscientiousness at the time to do what we could.

We believe we are the agents best equipped to handle the sale of a Villages home. Our slogan is: We know it, love it, and sell it better!

Having sold so many of the homes when they were new, and being involved in their construction, we certainly know the project.

After devoting so many years in so many ways to the Villages, it has become a large part of us, and is a passion that we share with those still looking to move here.

Taking over the original phone numbers, internet web site, brochures, and some advertising, puts us in a unique position to continue to sell the Villages as if it were still a new project. Only now it is you, the Villages residents, who benefit.

We would like to be your agent if you ever want or need to sell your Villages home


While Villages resales will continue to be a large part of our professional lives, we are, and have always been, active resale agents for all kinds of properties and people. So, to simplify people getting a hold of us, we have changed our company name back to the same as our own:

G. Walker Real Estate Inc.

After serving with my father's brokerage in the 1970's, I opened my own firm in 1981 (I know, I know, I look too young and innocent). Don Innes had been a well known broker since the 1950's with offices in Hamilton, Ancaster and Burlington. Upon his retirement, I jumped at the chance to take over his operation in 1984. So, although the firm has been mine all along, it bore his name all this time.

We hope going back to our own name makes doing business with us easier. Much of our business relies on referrals. Many of you have referred us to your friends and family - for which we are ever grateful. We sell all over the Golden Horseshoe. If you have been happy with our service, we would appreciate you passing our name along.

Joan and I are passionate about the real estate business and always strive to provide a high level of service long after the actual sale. We have a large network of good people in related businesses: housecleaners, movers, interior decorators, flooring, painting, insurance - and some great restaurants! Call on us for names if you need them.

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