Welcome to the
Villages of Glancaster

The difference is delightful at the Villages of Glancaster. A condominium community comprised of beautiful bungalows, most fully detached, where every cul-de-sac street feels like its own charming neighbourhood.

Each bungalow home is set on an angle within a private cul-de-sac creating a totally different look...a totally different atmosphere...with a wide range of advantages that make living here more pleasurable than any other community around.

The milestones in your life have always been defined by where you live. Take the next step and discover the carefree, casual lifestyle you've been looking forward to for all these years, discover the Villages of Glancaster.

A New Angle on Retirement Living

Why the difference?

We did our homework, studied the market, talked to countless people like yourself, then hired the country's finest architects, designers and planners to help us become more innovative...more committed to producing a lifestyle and living environment that recognizes your needs and caters to them.

The People Who Live It LOVE IT...

Stroll through the neighbourhoods and see our unique vision for yourself. Or, better yet ask a Glancaster resident who has already settled into their new way of life, their new home, new friends and new calendar of social activities. You'll discover that it's not only Glancaster's homes which are nicer but the neighbours as well.



Same Us... New Name
G Walker Real Estate Inc

While Villages resales will continue to be a large part of our professional lives, we are, and have always been, active resale agents for all kinds of properties and people. So, to simplify people getting a hold of us, we have changed our company name back to the same as our own:

G. Walker Real Estate Inc.

After serving with my father's brokerage in the 1970's, I opened my own firm in 1981 (I know, I know, I look too young and innocent). Don Innes had been a well known broker since the 1950's with offices in Hamilton, Ancaster and Burlington. Upon his retirement, I jumped at the chance to take over his operation in 1984. So, although the firm has been mine all along, it bore his name all this time.

We hope going back to our own name makes doing business with us easier. Much of our business relies on referrals. Many of you have referred us to your friends and family - for which we are ever grateful. We sell all over the Golden Horseshoe. If you have been happy with our service, we would appreciate you passing our name along.

Joan and I are passionate about the real estate business and always strive to provide a high level of service long after the actual sale. We have a large network of good people in related businesses: housecleaners, movers, interior decorators, flooring, painting, insurance - and some great restaurants! Call on us for names if you need them.

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